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With the increase in life and holiday demands in the caravan, the 200% increase in the caravan manufacturers in 2 years made the manufacturers smile. The event, which will bring together the innovations of the caravan sector, which is expected to close the year 2022 with a volume of 600 million dollars, will be held in Istanbul in October 2022.

The concept of life in the caravan, where interest is increasing day by day in Turkey as well as the whole world, will be the scene of a regular organization. Caravan' Show Eurasia, which will be held at the Istanbul Exhibition Center between 19-23 October with the organization of BİFAŞ, will be the favorite of caravan-lovers.

Speaking about the exhibition where hundreds of companies from Turkey and abroad will showcase their new caravan models, BİFAŞ Chairman of the Board Ümit Vural said: "Caravan" Show Eurasia, which will be held in Istanbul in October, will fill an important gap in terms of both minimal living concept and caravan holiday. We aim to provide great benefit with the organization we will hold in October to put our country's signature on this developing sector.”

Pointing out that the concept of caravan vacation and life is attracting attention and growing, Vural said:

“Caravan life has become a philosophy of life. Especially after the period we stayed at home, much more attention has been paid to the sector. As BİFAŞ, we have brought a great organization to those who live or want to live the caravan, camp life.”



Stating that the exhibition, where the latest model caravans and camping equipment will be exhibited, will bring a new perspective to the sector, Vural expressed the following: “While 3,000 caravans and motocaravans were manufactured in 2020, we see that the increase has increased 10 times in 2021. These numbers are now the biggest indicator that the holiday and lifestyle have changed. We aim to contribute to both the end user and our producer companies by bringing together the most prestigious companies and brands of the sector from home and abroad." 



With the participation of hundreds of companies and brands, more than 30,000 visitors from the country and abroad are expected at the exhibition, where sectorial and final consumers will come together.

Caravan Show Eurasia will host motor-caravan, towing caravan, van type caravan, special purpose vehicles, mobile service caravans, commercial caravans and travel trailers. In addition, all kinds of product and service providers such as caravan interior decoration products, solar panels, satellite systems, shower and water systems will be present at the exhibition.

Caravan Show, which will offer the latest technology and design products to tourism professionals, travel and nature lovers with a wide range of participants, aims to contribute to alternative tourism by bringing together buyers and producers under one roof.

Exhibition will also offer buyers the opportunity to examine many products and materials that integrate people with nature, from camping tents to camping equipment, from bicycles to outdoor sports centers and equipment. It will be the center of attention with effective and colorful events and surprise guests to be organized simultaneously with the Exhibition.

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