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The choice of tourism lovers who are fond of freedom

28 November 20224 okuma


In recent years, the tourism sector has started to create various alternatives. Apart from the sea, sand and sun axis, caravan travels also attract a great deal of attention. In travel movements, the prominence of tourism types aimed at meeting the individual wishes and needs of tourists rather than mass tourism, and the search for those who want to transform the comfort of home into a portable environment have created historical peaks in caravan sales.

Caravan is the choice of people who want to have a holiday freely without being tied to a hotel and spread it to 365 days. In addition to custom-designed caravans, mass production caravans attract a lot of attention. Some spend the weekend in nearby destinations, while others, with long-term solutions, travel from city to city and meet their resting needs at home. Caravans, which contain many areas such as kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living room, bedroom, support the aesthetic appearance with practical solutions and provide great comfort in small spaces.


Caravan Parks

The studies of countries for caravan tourism are increasing day by day. With the established Caravan Park areas, you can safely park your walking house. Among the features that should be in the park area, which have been prepared by carrying out studies for various needs for Caravan Parks, are the following; The security of the area, its average size of 10 thousand square meters, the allocation of 80 to 100 square meters for each caravan, the availability of electricity infrastructure and the provision of services such as drinking-waste water.

According to the researches, Germany ranks first among the countries with the highest caravan usage in Europe. Slovenia is the country with the least caravan use. Caravans, whose importance has started to increase in our lives with the pandemic, are increasing while their sales are multiplying in Turkey. The rapidly developing young sector in our country achieved 600 million dollars of exports with the advantage of quality production, diversity and design. In the last 2 years, the number of producers in the sector has increased by 5 times and reached 280.


The highly anticipated exhibition

There are only a few days left for the Caravan Show Eurasia, which is eagerly awaited by caravan enthusiasts. Modern caravans will be exhibited at the Caravan Show Eurasia, which will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center between 19-23 October with the organization of BİFAŞ. With the participation of hundreds of companies and brands, more than 30,000 visitors from the country and abroad are expected to the exhibition, where the sectorial and final consumers will come together.

10 times increase in production

Speaking about the exhibition where hundreds of domestic and international companies will showcase their new caravan models, BİFAŞ Chairman of the Board Ümit Vural said: “Caravan Show Eurasia, which will be held in Istanbul in October, will fill an important gap in terms of both minimal living concept and caravan vacationing. Caravan life has become a philosophy of life. Especially after the period we stayed at home, much more attention has been paid to the sector. As BİFAŞ, we have brought a great organization to those who live or want to live the caravan and camp life.” Vural reported that while 3 thousand caravans and motor-caravans were manufactured in 2020, the increase in production increased 10 times in 2021.

Caravan Show Eurasia, which will offer the latest technology and design products to tourism professionals, travel and nature lovers with a wide range of participants, aims to contribute to alternative tourism by bringing together buyers and producers under one roof.

The exhibition will also offer buyers the opportunity to examine many products and materials that integrate people with nature, from camping tents to camping equipment, from bicycles to outdoor sports centers and equipment.

It will be the center of attention with effective and colorful events and surprise guests to be organized simultaneously with the Exhibition.

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